To find out more about Phytotherapy or the work of Dr De Beer you can follow the following links:

What a privilege to be interviewed on Expresso - The Breakfast Show on SABC 3. The interview with Evan was on 5 November 2014.

Here is the link if you have missed it:

RSG is one of the National radio stations in South Africa. On 6 October 2014 Martelize Brink explored the subject of Phytotherapy - the interview is in Afrikaans and you can listen to it here.

The Medical Research Council promotes research into the therapeutic use of indigenous plants of South Africa. At the Early Career Scientists Conference in 2012 a poster presentation on the historic and modern day uses of the plant Sceletium tortosum were displayed. Click on this link to view the poster.

The Magazine "Laat los" or "Off the Grid" is an alternative lifestyle publication which addresses the wide spectrum of challenges that we are daily confronted with and provides answers that will not only improve the way you live and your quality of life, but will also help you in a very practical, "hands on" type of way. Click on this link to read the article on "Kruie - Magic, muthi of Medisyne" in the 2nd Edition published in January 2015.

The Allied Health Professions Council is the Statutary Body in South Africa where Practitioners of Complementary Medicine have to be registered.
More details about registered Practitioners can be obtained here:

The South African Association of Herbal Practitioners represents registered Phytotherapists in South Africa.
To read more about Phytotherapy follow this link:

The Bach Centre in Oxfordshire, England was the Home of Dr Edward Bach and the birthplace of the world famous Bach Flower Remedies. Dr De Beer is currently one of only 5 registered Practitioners of Bach Flower Remedies in South Africa. To read more about Bach Flower Remedies or to visit the website of The Bach Centre you can click on this link:
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